The Art of the Album Cover

Many painters, graffiti and street artists have collaborated throughout their careers with other artists on their projects, but most common are ones with musicians, whether creating music videos or album covers.

Some of the art world’s biggest stars have done some amazing works with musicians – most recently, Jeff Koons did an album cover for Lady Gaga’s “ARTPOP”, but he was not the one who started it. Back in 1955, the comedian, actor, and musician Jackie Gleason took the painting of his good friend, artist Salvador Dali and used it as a cover for his “Lonesome Echo” album. Gleason described the effect of the painting as a mixture of “anguish, space and solitude”. It was the perfect match and since then a lot of different collaborations were established, many highly successful like the one Andy Warhol did for The Velvet Underground album, Gerhard Richter for Daydream Nation by Sonic Youth, Banksy for Think Tank by Blur, or Damien Hirst for I’m With You by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Album Covers became highly collectible art pieces.

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