Erwin Olaf & Jasper de Beijer

Erwin Olaf
Dutch 1959

Erwin Olaf is one of Holland’s most acclaimed contemporary photographers. Famous for his mis-en-scène and highly theatrical compositions, Olaf weaves complex and dramatic narratives into his still photographs. His work is frequently exhibited and included in numerous contemporary art and photography museums internationally.
Erwin Olaf’s art visualizes implicitly the unspoken, the overlooked, that which typically resists simple documentation. His trademark is to address social issues, taboos, and bourgeois conventions in a highly stylized and cunning mode of image making. With his razor-sharp aesthetic intuition, Olaf purposely conceals his themes, so that the viewer has to accept the initial concealment in his series.

Jasper de Beijer
Dutch 1973

De Beijer’s fulllength photo series Buitenpost marked the first time he used models and staged scenes as a starting point for manipulated photographic images.
De Beijer’s work has been presented in numerous solo and group exhibitions, and is included in a large number of collections. Institutions that have exhibited works by Jasper de Beijer or that represent him as a gallery include The Hague Museum of Photography, the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver, and galleries in a.o. New York, Dusseldorf, Milano.

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