Kees van Dongen & Jan Montyn

Kees van Dongen
Dutch, 1877 – 1968

Dutch-French painter, one of the world famous artists from the Fauves.
From 1905 onwards van Dongen`s style became more and more radical in its use of form and colour. The themes of his work from that period : dancers, singers, masquerades and theatre. In 1905, his works were exhibited along with artists like Henri Matisse. This group became known as `the fauves`(wild beasts), for their strong use of bright colors.During this time, van Dongen became also friends with Pablo Picasso.
Van Dongen gained a reputation for his sensuous portraits of especially women. One of his most famous models was Brigitte Bardot (see photo). Throughout the 1930s and 40s van Dongen continued to paint portraits of the upper class, landscapes and create book illustrations.

Jan Montyn
Dutch, 1924 – 2015

Jan Montyn is a well known visual artist at home and abroad. Thousands of his pictures have been bought by private collectors and museums in France, Germany, the United States, Thailand, Japan and the Netherlands.
In the Netherlands his work has been incorporated in the collections of among others the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam and the Museum Boymans-van Beuningen in Rotterdam.

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