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Andy Warhol & Joseph Beuys

Andy Warhol
American 1928 – 1987

”Everything is beautiful, even car accidents, the electric chair or Marilyn Monroe after her death”. His debut exhibition as an artist in 1962 consisted of series of Coca Cola bottles, tins of Campbell’s soup and dollar bills. Someone advised him to paint the things he loved most. And that is what he did. In 1963 he founded The Factory, his famous studio. This was a complete studio where people were constantly making silk screens, films, music and photos. Warhol became more and more a trademark. He was a personality, the embodiment of the American Dream.

Joseph Beuys
German 1921 – 1986

Joseph Beuys was a German-born artist active in Europe and the United States, who came to be associated with Conceptual art and Fluxus movements. Beuys’s diverse body of work ranges from traditional media of drawing, painting, and sculpture, to process-oriented, or time-based “action” art. Beuys is especially famous for works incorporating animal fat and felt, two common materials – one organic, the other fabricated – that had profound personal meaning to the artist.
A major retrospective of Beuys work opened at the Guggenheim Museum in New York in 1979.

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